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Via Anja Tjelpa, via a few days of the first month the year 2022 for placement on the last day of this month.

Dear Ones,

The Gift of Life in the Universe.
The Gift of Life for a Life on Earth.

The Creator’s Act of Giving. Purpose, for realization.

Goal realization with which no creature, man’s experience to be human, should be charged, what may be called unkind in all kinds of degrees.

Well, any came about through Life on Earth, the Earth society(s) with all kinds that are also intended for that.

Obtained through effort in every life ‘enjoyed’ on beautiful planet Earth.

The opposite is the content of Gift, intended to be experienced as grand, full of nice, joyful and filled with love every second, moment to moment for a very, very long time, everlasting.


Now I can start talking about, hey, you must have done it or seen it, according to people’s spoken language on Earth.

Is there therefore time and therefore connected with it, to see it all, to do it, to hear it and so on, with human senses or other physical equipment and higher Soul equipment?

Is every human or other creature served or in the service of it?

Or is the application a matter like, speaking (doing, having, being) is silver and silence (experiencing) is gold?

As of the Sun in this constellation, representing Gold.

Does wisdom come from there, the forces, energies, vibrations, warmth, love, through the Gold of the Sun, tacit, giving without conditions or judgment, for everything and everyone.

Moon, the silver world of the Moon, conforming to what is before and what is behind, image-forming reflections.

Reflective silver, always mobile and changeable. transference properties. Telling…

What is called future, does it come from there? Provoking question and special mirroring from Heaven, the answers to accommodate oneself to?


In the constellation Earth lives in, as a Gift, there are other celestial bodies with properties, characters involved, there is a natural society, something like an Earth but as a constellation. I can hereby indicate to you that a number of things are taking place and have taken place there. It all has to do with each other.


Is there any like allegation, urge to experience, allusion, temptation…?

I’m going to refer to it as wrapping and is there what is mentioned in the above line complicated with it?

Yes, through life efforts, through earthly playground opportunities and through all kinds of areas, issues and opportunities, sowing and reaping.

And… joining with it, through mini-small things, through slightly bigger ones, through bigger ones and through much bigger ones.


And about the stimuli involved.

Where does the stimuli of the tendency come from?

The ‘screen’ that many uses?

The audio that many listens to? (Air is sound!)

Reading? Instinct of imitation? Experiencing it? Adventure?

Quest? Just a Life? Karma? Soul Desire?

Does Money as an energy influence sinister forces? Or the other way around?

The ether?

Energies through Higher Guidance?

The All of the Universe?

That of the Macro has reflection on that of the Micro and vice versa?

Being fond of form, human body, other material encounters and forms of existence on Earth… overestimation? Underestimation? Middle?

Or can this be summarized as a global summary of all that there is to experience on planet Earth?


There is reaction and action, too much to put into words in all the gradations.

That last word means ascent, with examples being a progression from weak to strong, from heavy to light, it is a conduct.

A conduct to -no distinguish-


Visible – Invisible, it is One total.

The enlightened feeling from the dark, from shadows that meets, is of a different gradation of light than the encounter of the physically perceivable as a human being, as the human being sees the physical Sun.


Unnatural goal realization in relation to complications.

The AL has to do with what shapes the living environments.

The means of escape from this…?


Back to Nature!

The nature of infinite natures.

The meeting, the meeting again with the Soul of the Living.

The ingenuity of the Creator and co-creators.


The Warmth, the Fire, Light and Air, and then Water and Tone (Sound), Life and Earth. The Heavenly Fanfare, orchestras and choirs, vocal lines, melodies, octaves, fifth, fourth, third, second, prime, numbers, harmonies, flourish, colours, shades thereof, figures, shapes, movements, pleasure and happiness and being and doing together.

With flair, some sort of sleuth or special dexterity, there are levels.

Recognizing the beginning of AL…


Form, all sorts of form, which appear so impermanent and changeable on all levels of the plateaus and sub-plateaus of All existence.


Now a company comes to me to assist the latter part of this message.

The council of Elemental Beings representing the chronicles of the Etheric Elemental world, the Goddess Natura, indeed 12.


For reasons of, in consultation, this Council and I, have formulated questions for this message and intended through questioning as an entry point for the recognition of Nature and the associated Knowledge and its follow-up.

Regaining knowledge of all kinds of natures and existences is not an event full of isolation and limits. It is the outcome of collective, methodical development, progress, workings and conduct.

Luminosity or the strength of Light has influences on capacity.

As well as impression, has effect on.

Both involved in the various plateaus or levels.


What is expressed in words here in this way has intent to call for Life, Natural life, for humans still in large quantity via the outside world, but also introversion, via turned inward. Calling all that has an inner.

For everything that has become experienceable, observable, absolute and relative through Love. On Earth in certain stages, often unconsciously, here and there, here and now, with more awareness, and most importantly, increase in awareness and love.


And where … dear ones, what we are very pleased about and want to express in order to share this with you, is the following.

Every little bit helps, even the smallest. This takes place across the entire line.

The winds blow all over this line, from all directions it is gathered together and used via ‘as above – so below’.

It contributes to the most wonderful happening for Earth and All in One.

We propose that you imagine yourself, design and execution, beautiful images and not words but deeds, to contribute to the happening for Life as Gift on Earth and All together. It has Gift Essence.

You have an evolution image memory!


We have chosen closing words of an appropriate song, for the simple reason that it simply articulates and supports what is meant. Beautiful composition.


Beloved of us, herewith Love, Blessings and Cooperation in Solidarity.

Make Life on Earth Matchless!!!


CHRIST, assisted by the Council of Goddess Natura, the Council of the Etheric Elemental Worlds.


The words to say
May well be simple, but they’re true
Until you give your love
There’s nothing more than that to do

Love is the opening door
Love is what you came for
No one could offer you more
Do you know what is meant?
Have your eyes really seen?

 You say it’s very hard
To leave behind the life what is known
But there’s no other way
And now it’s really up to you

Love is the key you must turn
Truth is the flame you must burn
Freedom the lesson you must learn
Do you know what is meant?
Have your eyes really seen?

Do you know what is meant?
Have your eyes really seen?
Do you know what is meant?
Have your eyes really seen?



Posted on the website: January 31, 2022
For website edited by Anja with everywhere support from Michael.

And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


Information applied song: Love Song by Lesley Duncan
It is used as indicated by Christ and Council.
No rights are claimed for this.


Image message by Anja Tjelpa January 2022.


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