About MICHAEL, archangel and a message from Archangel Michael

About MICHAEL Archangel and a message from Archangel Michael
September, the last days of this month in 2019

In the past, in times gone by on Earth, people had more remembrance of the Higher and Spiritual worlds, they knew more about the face, another word for it is appearance.

What is appearance, I have asked, it is not a word of this time.

An answer came, actually quite simple, the way you shine.

The radiance of the actual Self.

Then, much earlier, people were more connected with the face of the Higher Worlds and still thought of Angels, Archangels and with all due respect others with Their countenance, Being.


There is a wisdom from history associated with what are called holidays and anniversaries on Earth. And vividness from the hours, the table of time of the Higher Worlds.


As a sort of overview, let’s start with New Year’s Day, a very well-known holiday, all over the world, and there are many others around the world throughout the year on Earth.

Too many to dwell on all of them in this type of writing. Some are very personal, others based on religion or commemorations or anniversaries according to a country or city or season.

These few sentences already indicate how long this list is.


I have been asked to write, to tell, to help remember the feast day of Michael, the Holy Archangel. He has a long list of duties to be a servant of God, an important Angel of great Power, which he can deploy as a valiant warrior for justice, leader of the Legions of Light, protector, guardian, today through the weather to emerging from telepathy, thought transmission, spiritual communion, as a transmitter, Wisdom teacher to his family on Earth, transferred through ‘channels’ into words to write, share, read or hear. But certainly, of high true value, Michael personifies the aspect of our Self which arises from and which we essentially co-represent, the highest principles.


From our position here in the Northern Hemisphere in the Netherlands, but also other countries, the autumn time has once again entered. What we see happening in nature around us, much of the Flora decays for a while with a beautiful color experience during this transition period and changing influences due to the weather, which can sometimes turn out quite spectacular. Nature and concerned natural beings provide for the donation of autumn products for the coming winter period for many of all kinds of nature, but also for the seeds for what can come again.

It is Michael’s power now through natural forces coming down in this way, his contribution to this evolutionary period, who in a way, invisible to us, uses the clouds as eyes, as senses to behold it on Earth, the happening there and to bring it there. He is not the only one who uses clouds in this way, there are several from the Higher Worlds who do so.


The day in question is September 29, originally St. Michael’s Day.


It is indicated to start here again in a dignified way a Michael feast in this course of the year, during the last days of September, by some this feast is still honored.

But then again in general, that will connect Heaven again to the Earth, that this will be an event of great significance as a contribution to the further course, to be on Earth to understand, that will lead to the good, reality become that we as humans are on Earth to do and have the experiences of this. Then to see that through the clouds, among other things, powerful impulses are given for civilization according to the Higher Divine order and service.


This message is a start to invite in any case to make this year a party in your own way, interpretation. I looked on the internet and there are so many things made, such as songs, poems, rhymes, drawings, art, stories, websites with beautiful images, et cetera.

Beautiful! All that love, honor and gratitude!


In this way I convey to you that it is clearly stated that every celebration is very welcome!


Archangel MICHAEL

Loved ones,


It is a fulfillment for me full of soul, heart and being to do this for all that We Are.

An intense mission, yes also for me as an Archangel.

It’s to put it in words what this actually means, I’m going to say, that’s going to come to convey this to you.

We are also doing this, looking forward, in our way, to the coming year, which will be a leap year for Earth. 2020. I expect, because you are already so far that you can sense the balance of, in the number.

It is a joyful and true pleasure for me and others to “speak” with you again.

In other words, higher sensitive connections have entered the recovery period, improving telepathic abilities.


I knew of course that this message was in the pipeline and I let my light shine on it.

The following.

Start: love, always and forever for eternal life.

Processes: creations, service, experimentation, descents, transitions, purifications, awareness, acceptance, all the influences, dissolving, realizing, tests and tribulations, quests, discovering, metamorphoses, ascending.

Study: through the inner, studying the truths experienced and discovering true reality, feeling with senses of the physical and the higher, evolving, mastery, ascension, remembering, forgiveness, society and spiritual communion, unity.

Complicated: the invisible, cosmic, Universal laws and rules, ‘seeing’ via inner eye, co-create, integrate, am I all that, Alpha world, complexity and what is that?

Opportunities and challenges: too much, or abundance.

Choices: ditto.

Emotions: like waterfalls or fine rain, the sun behind a cloud cover or the most beautiful rays of the sun, the skies that tell stories that match and the earth that experiences in all its nuances.

Meditations: to do, you can do it your way, it’s your experience and then the sequel follows!

Create your own meditation!

Light world: incredible, perhaps far away or too good to be true for you as humans, BUT very real! Illuminate more and more your inner so beautiful Light.

Extraterrestrial life: That be us, your family here, we also have ‘life’ here and with love and pleasure we would love to see that reflected again on beautiful planet Earth.

Help: always, we are always together and with each other, it may not feel ‘real’ yet, but it is.

Why, for what, where to: Great recovery. The New Earth as intended and All Together in this part of the Universe and beyond, new System of Gold. The journey of your Soul.


Celebration: markings in the Heavenly, Universal event, at the Earthly event.

The coming together of Souls, beings created by the Creator for, there is great diversity.

Remembering, commemorating, showing joy – sadness, yes we are dealing with polarity and duality in this sub-universe, to balance it and to keep it, to love it.


Everything that is celebrated, commemorated has its VALUE of fulfillment, that adds something to the bigger picture, meaning everything, there is no good or bad.

That is back to the Source, all is One. You on Earth live in moments as fragments of what you really are, when I indicate that this is a choice of the Soul, there is truth in that.

The soul on a journey in fragments part of it is involved in these special events and monumental experiences on Earth, beloved planet. The other part is with us, the other fragments joining in there, admittedly it’s complicated. You all contribute to this event, the opportunity with so many choices to take this further to clear obstacles of all kinds and the advice is, to do what is in energy, light energy within you to contribute with that, to assist, to render service, there will come a time in your perceptions, perhaps two or three or twenty-twenty, when you will begin to sense, understand, realize that you, yes all of you, are part of some kind of rolling wheel. And that this wheel turns, and it will come, with many wheels and that you, you contribute to the way, the turning wheel with wheels of eternal Life.


I love you so very much and all of us here.

I am Archangel Michael and on behalf of many other dear loved ones!!


Archangel Michael: I suggest, sit quietly and at rest and envelop yourself in a protective Light.
Honor the power of God, Father and Mother. Then, ask your Higher Self, I AM presence or master, archangel or Lady Angel or guide, companion or loved one which best matches your energy if it may come to you to communicate and cooperate.
All is well and calmly go back to where you are.
The explanation here is that the chosen person can have a specialism(s).
The development path in this area in the beginning is to do this for yourself or direct environment / those involved.
For not every human being has the mission of being a cosmic telepathic receiver for what may be disseminated.

A possible next development in meditation is to move the power of your consciousness to the crown chakra and then some up, 20-25 cm.
This is raising Spirit, feeling consciousness traveling up to do the encounter(s).
In doing so, leave the physical consciousness behind, reach and ascend to these higher realms.
We sense this and this is how cooperation is established.
You will feel as if you are reaching up, the reality is that you are turning inward.
In the beginning everything feels very soft, which means if you continue and persevere this will strengthen. In the beginning it is extremely important to have and convey concrete questions and thoughts, it is recommended to ask questions that can be answered with yes or no.
And await the impulse(s) that enter into consciousness.
Later, so to speak, practice makes perfect, expansion can be developed and arise.

Until then and there, I belong to the options. (Smile) I am Michael.


Received: September 24th, 25th 2019.
Posted on the website English version, June 6th 2022.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.

And you never do it alone and for that:

Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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