Conversation with Samuel, 1e

Monday October 28th, 2019.
Conversation with Samuel, 1e.

Best regards dear ones, in this conversation with me, I am Samuel.

First, I’d like to do some explanation about me, Samuel.

Then I came to Earth in Rama, a habitation in the mountains of the tribe of Ephraim, about 1000 years before Christ.

The 12 tribes were not yet united into a kingdom and were quite vulnerable to and because of the surrounding population. My father was Elkanah (God begat) and my mother was Hannah (Grace of God, merciful).

There was a situation in my father’s relationships and my mother remained childless for quite some time, the other woman there had given my father children, that caused the situation.

Hannah was very sad about this, my mother prayed for me, a son, and promised the Creator to give me to God for all my life. That’s how it happened.

When I had reached the right stage, my mother brought me to Father Eli and his family and I grew up and educated there. And yes, I got married and became the father of two children.

My name means, which my mother gave me: “I have asked him of the Lord.”


In the end I became a priest. And later Judge and later prophet.

Being a priest is an intermediary from various points of view to fulfill this function.

In addition, the task of Adjuster was to temporarily lead the tribes and help create a kingdom with a king.

As a prophet, you are a mediator between the Deity and those on Earth, with the visionary ability to transmit that which is not yet perceivable, but also to use what has already been done as a vision.

I have previously assisted in communicating with these loved ones as a communication channel on Earth and then the plan came from here in the Higher to propose a conversation and so done and now set in motion. The intention is that questions can be asked, which I will answer for the moment. I’m ready and so are Anja and Michael.


A and M: Dear Samuel, what is there for you now in the Higher Realms, is that the same as you have fulfilled on Earth?


Samuel: There are Heavenly Forces and corresponding Heavenly duties or service.

When you are liberated from the Earth, as it has been for ages – as you have made it with numbers and stuff, 10 is a decade and 100 is an era, among others – when you step out, out of the lifetime, take the wings and with the power of flight gone back to the free regions, a fall off takes place, you move out. The true being moves, flows into reality. It’s like, the best of my Self I take with me, in fact combined again with the multiple true parts of your Self, move back to that continuum there.

Life is there in Love, Light and Liberality and that you there again put on your clothes of light and step on the track of your light being, your Soul journey to ……… and that differs.

Are there with me these energies associated with talents/gifts/attributes that have served me on Earth? Yes! But… how to explain this with words, it’s not so solid anymore, it quickly divides with the Oneness. Think of types of energy, but here it is not so split for tasks, functions or lifetimes, forms that will follow for in Higher Realms but also for planet Earth, there is a Selection process program.

I perceive now, perceive that several questions arise in your mind!


A and M: Yes, dear Samuel. Is it possible to explain, in a way, where questions arise from?


Samuel: The Windmills of the Spirit. A very fitting statement. You as humans are building, invisible, a frame like a windmill with those blades. Shape of weaving.

With this spirit, way of thinking in the zeitgeist. And the blades are on some kind of axis. And with everything that is moving, flowing, a moving energy is created with it that makes it spin and this moving energy comes from all kinds of directions. Building, it is framed by relative experiences during lifetimes on Earth, which is very human in a way.

An important control is formed by the elements, also the ether.


A and M: For the moment we think this is very clear.

Another question via the windmill: “Have you been to Earth more times?”


Samuel: Yes, but this was, as you see, the last time. When I returned to the Higher Realms, I decided, made the choice, I once again participated in the Selection Program Process, the tasks to take from here, with a great companion Brotherhood, Sisterhood, it was a visionary choice, that it still is.


A and M: Samuel, do you have the desire to share more details about other lives?




Samuel: I’m making the choice to share this at another time.


A and M: Respect!

Dear Samuel, is it possible to explain visionary in a way?


Samuel: That is the opportunity (which you all essentially have) in a moment you will remember to be a ‘travel visionary’, a mover who oversees all there is at the pivot of the radar work of the Continuum of Life. Points that matter with a high level of awareness.

A and M: What we called the film on the reel?


Samuel: Yes, it is projection, but too beautiful, grandiose to describe in words.


A and M: We are now making the choice to better dig out our memory. (Smile)


Samuel: As you know we are here and there to assist you, asking is putting the windmill to work with heart driven intent.


A and M: Thank you. We know or understand that you are and are getting quite overwhelmed with all these questions, Archangel Michael spoke briefly about this recently, Is it possible that more will be revealed about this?


Samuel: I suppose you’re thinking of a database or database or something.

The questions are not numbered and they are all answered. No difference.

It’s actually a big collective act, you know we live here with L’s, Love, Light and Liberality and we love you all. But when I interpret it as comparing it to a blanket system, with an extremely fine grid, communicating perpetually, that comes close. Collecting, gentle service on all these questions, in addition to the other communication and answering. I know you wish to understand who makes the decisions.

That is us as a Collective Universal Family, including Source Itself.

But decide isn’t really the right word. Result that fits better.


A and M: Thank you!


Samuel: Small addition. This gossamer fine network has to do with the heptagon (heptagon) a frame, the basis for the Flower of Life.


A and M: It feels very nice, clean and honest.


Samuel: You too, thank you!


A and M: We are completely silent about it.


Samuel: That’s good! Then means it is taken.

The fourth L is Loyalty. Stay loyal to the revealing communication.

And to the All that we are, with your own true Self.

LOVE is THE SOURCE, the One in capital and bold, to use your way of expressing yourself.

The Flower is this unstoppable BEING and DOING for and to All.

And mine, I’m Samuel, like a petal, too!



A and M: Thank you dear Samuel and all the other petals! (With respect)

Received: Monday morning October 28th 2019
Posted on the website English version, June 6th, 2022.
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And you never do it alone and for that:
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