Conversation with Samuel, 2nd

Monday, November 11th, 2019.
Conversation with Samuel, 2e.

Best regards dear ones, all, in this continued conversation with me, I am Samuel.


And welcome and kind regards from us here, Anja and Michael, to you, Samuel and all.


Samuel: For the continuation you have been asked to consider questions that are real to the whole. You have done that and these have been conveyed to us through channeling. To begin with, it has been suggested by me to place these questions at the top for this 2nd conversation.


A and M: Yes, dear Samuel. It is understood. Hereby.

Can more be explained about projection?

The second question is about encouragement, can encouragement be given through this channeling for what is already underway and what we understand is yet to come? Key word is hope.

Are there any more word symbols with L’s that you can explain?

We regularly look at the Sun and find the pulsations beautiful and giving, can you tell us more about this?

Het oproepen tot verschijnen is één ding

Om het te horen is een ander ding

Om het te zien, is verbazingwekkend in haar projectie

En alles tezamen is wonderbaarlijke Nieuwe Aarde

Samuel: The world on Earth is a picture for the journeys of the Soul. To experience with all that you have created and what you are made of with this body as a human being and that is what is supremely sacred and mysterious. What happens to the human equipment and tools, predisposing to the senses, brain, mind, nervous system (among others), is that, and many of you do this, you make image after image after image at high speed and constantly, you make some kind of movie, or reportage, again, all the time. But these lone images, recordings are superimposed, intertwined, then become a composite of what is on Earth Now.

Perhaps to mention as an example, the recordings on a sound tape, if these are played quickly then you get a separate sound or when a movie is being recorded and there is the desire to skip image fragments (for example advertising), then you see it very different.

We assume that it can be understood that too much, too quickly, is being pushed over each other at the same time. I’m going to use the word human intake system, which is a very complex process, and which is being corrected at this time on Earth with levels of consciousness based on the Soul.

This period on Earth is expanding and uplifting, meaning that at certain points the projection is going to be different, more Higher Dimensional. It is becoming more sanctified again as it should be. This is happening moment by moment is this accelerated state of energy changes and you are in the middle of it doing IT!

Reminder: Interaction is Reflection! At the level of consciousness!

Where you reside at the moment is really for where you Are, so where your Being is real and when you bring in the concept of filters, less filters, which you have made a lot of during evolutionary life as humans, then it gets out again pushed together to the more fluid, flexible, different vibrations of another flow.

There is a but, the process encompassing from group consciousness to individual consciousness, no human being is the same, and it has brought about these many individual cameras of the Soul and random and confusing, calling for resolution.

Remember: Each One has an individual opportunity, yours and yours or yours is best in moments after moments of returning to you, your Supreme Truth.


There are other L’s, Life as It Is to Be and Have, with the Life Forces from the never ending flow.

The L of Libra, the seventh sign of the Old Zodiac, for the much needed Balance, because nothing is one-sided, everything has two sides in the world. And also a very important one: Let Go!

No attachments or seizures, too sticky.

This will make room and as an encouragement, it is already underway. Space and gaps to fill, compose, compose with other projections through the widening and uplifting effects and making more use of the L’s. (Smile) They are liberating, they are liberating and they empower the changes in the level of consciousness. The collective level of consciousness with individuality required for the New Earth World. You carry Light within you, which is the most real in the human being, you have brought it to Earth, Light (L) which helps clear thoughts of ephemerality and the worthless and brings renewal to your beautiful hearts and gives Light to the projections for the insights from within.

We ask you to focus on shining this Light and preferably in silence, for then and with it there are projections from another, the right Light and brings about universal recognition.


Adjustments based on forgiveness will create flexibility, which is a form of the element of Fire or Warmth, the First Element, it is food and nurture for the negative, all that which is going to come into the revealing phases or is already in it means openings open, openness and who or what on Earth can stop this Supreme Loving opening system? There are those among you on Earth who are constantly doing Lightwork, on all levels and needs. They are constantly engaged in all this ceremonial opening work. It is a ceremonial Supreme Divine Event.

There is no hiding or escaping. But …. It will certainly bring to light the consequences, and these may represent an unkind nature and will invoke dissolutions, motions, resolution and resolution with vigor.


So there is all this flow of hope emanating, blooming from your loved ones on Earth.

That it be nurtured and nurtured is the best thing to do, for then it piles up vertically to pillars of Light.

Also inescapable, because you are persistent! We know, we are with you.

And we hand you the energies needed, in any form that fits each of you into your being and that you indicate, yes I can and I want to. We propose to use your ‘camera’ from within and see these pillars, that is real projection and then see them radiate all they are made of for the turn of change.

You will be on it! It needs nurturing!


Now I will speak a little about the pulsations of the Sun. A “job” to be Sun is to be a follower. From you and planet Earth and from us in the higher realms and all in.

The sun as a created Sun Being also has its inhabitants and inhabitants and relations.

This put together is quite active, it expresses itself and you see these pulsations of it, it’s projection.

Another “orbit”  (task) of the Sun in the ceremonial states of evolution is that there are hunches, instigations to and for the other planetary beings and the surrounding spheres, which also cooperate with each other and are a common thing. That is also of utmost importance.

There will come times through your progressive projections, when you will come to see and understand that it is going to emerge from the periphery. Matter that is out of balance and that makes this turn towards collective centralization with the help of Libra.

Simple explanation, it goes above 3D and then it emerges on the other side through the other dimension. The continuum is a special place and everything is connected in a complex way.

Full of Sun Whole.


Your continuing crusade! Keep in mind, in the right place, it has to do with expanding focus, this will make magnetism more magical. For the bigger perspective.

On the crusade that joins together as a collective with individuality without dragon powers, for the New World Earth.

Calling to appear is one thing
To hear it is another thing
To see it is amazing in its projection
And all together is wonderful New Earth

Herewith these words as support and as supported and fresh wind.


With all the Love and unimaginable much, from me, Samuel and the Unity.

Received: Monday morning November 11Th. 2019
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And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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