In a Different World – Archangel Michael Lady Faith

In a Different World

Pentecost 2021 – Anja Tjelpa


Intro: Already for a while, don’t know for how many days, there is prepare for a channel message with Archangel Michael and Lady Faith.
In this prepare contact they ask to look after some writings, already given information.
On Whit Sunday they came clearly in appearance in their way, there will be a channeling with words, or painting images to make words for sharing.
So, sitting in sincerity, love and readiness to do the work, this preparation took a while and then it starts.

First what we perceive is that Archangel Michael has the sword Excalibur in his hand and Lady Faith is touching it. Greetings from heart to heart.


Archangel Michael:
Beloved Ones, in the waves where you are in, with an overflow of emotions from astrality as on Earth, from all inhabitants on Earth who are related to it and the corresponding World astrality, the meeting with what you are in the physical, surrounded by the etheric part of your being and your I am warmth organization and a complex of vibrations patterns of sound, colours, natural, essential structures, light and macro cosmic influences, presences, versus all that you are experiencing in the total surroundings on Earth.
That is quite a playfield, beloved Ones.

In knightly language, tourney after tourney in high pace.
In Angelic language, it has to be done and we’re so helpful in many, many ways, seen, unseen, conscious, unconsciousness, as you are asking on Earth, as you have indicated in your mission plan, as there is the growing communion and communication.
We, lovingful dedicated as what we are and present from the total Angelic Realm.

Lady Faith:
In Lady language, taking care of you, as precious children, so special creatures as humans. Inviting you to face your inner child, to listen to it.
Then we can be more near, clear and dear to you. To encircle your emotions so they solve easier, to assist to set it free and transform it, for making place for the healing progress for what is to be…

We have informed you about how to create your personal Pyramid of Light, Love and Strength and how to maintain it. How you can linger there and have social contacts with us from Higher Worlds or with ones who are in humanity on Earth or other lifeforms who are in this part of the Universe or beyond. (A.o.)
All the ones who have created a personal Pyramid are in a togetherness.
They cling together, it is a special form of magnetism.
To give you something comparable, look at minerals in that kind of structure.
There are systems involved with, monometric, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal,
rhombic, monocline, triclinic, crystalline associations with different nature – irregular, parallel, twins. They are in a togetherness like a cluster, as with stars, and there are what can be indicated as avenues, as connectors.

We also have informed you about Light cities.

The ‘clusters places’ have become a very nice, bright, clean, clear, healthy, with love and light filled situations to be.
As many on Earth have joined this, it has become and still is becoming sparkling joinders. The gorgeous advancement is the expand to the Light cities via the avenues. The plan is about to expand it to a circle around Earth, like a galaxy, a route from cities, avenues, clusters. It is in continuing creating state.
Stationed in the atmosphere around Earth next or very close to the bond (orb) of protection of Earth, therefor it has the same protection. This kind of protections has special vibrations. Throughout a number of years, it has come in precision this far. You are taking care of it too and persist to continue the creation. Of course, we are available for support, fulfilling it wholehearted.
It is a very loving and caring working together with mutual supply and demand.
We have to inform you it is with technique, structures, substances, nature communion, wholesome, sound and silence, society, beyond what is on Earth.
But it is the closest to Earth to a step or stage that you are able to handle as a transmission to Higher Dimensional states.
What also is very beautiful, is the reflection that as it were, beckon to you on Earth. Keeping you awake, it might be for short moments, flashes.

Archangel Michael:
How do you get there? The route via the inner.
What is the transport, so far? Your true being.
On forehand we know, you will have question marks.
Glide, glide, glide, stream like flying in the ‘lines’ to it.
Leap, leap, leap is a way. Is there quantum involved? Yes.
In relation with states of consciousness.
Quantum means, a quantity, an amount, a portion, a proportion, a share, an amount required, allowed or sufficient.
Of what? Light frequencies. It needs skill for distinguishment for the quantum need and Light intensity, energy from the radiations.
Neuter of quantus. How much? So much!
Neuter means, neither male or female. And intransitive.
Leap also means beside the most plausible, a sudden transmission, unexpected and spectacular progress, to pass over an interval without measurable magnitude.

The practice. What is being passed on is from a beginner’s point of view.
One can start with a personal Pyramid as explained.
One can as it is, from the Pyramid to the Light cities.
One can go straight to Light cities.
One can go via the avenues.

Practice to be as good as possible to be within yourself.
Exclude as much as possible, switch it off (temporary) what is in your memory storage of regular perceived, illusionary reality/surroundings.
Practice on regular base as suited in your lifestyle.
Explore the inner patiently without fantasies, without anything premeditated.
So, you start experiencing, when you gain, you can reuse it, so to say, you have some knowledge of steps and/or lines. It is like learning to read and write.
The more done, makes it more flexible and elastic.
You will learn your breathing will be a great support. (Breathing technique)
Support; One can ask the Higher Self, guardian angels, any kind of relation with one of us in the Higher realms, the I am presence (more advanced)
You might become aware of attendees, that are beloved ones, nowadays, who has assumed the task to be escorts.
There will be never objectionable communication or approach, anything unpleasant, anything opposite is distraction. Wait a while, a while might be a day or even longer and start again.
Where it is about lies within the bond of protection as mentioned before.
As you experienced in the beginning, planning can be made on the basis of this, or one can create a frame, a kind of stepping in structure.

Next; to face the look of your true being might be overwhelming and/or moving, wholehearted encounter. Call upon brave with the available and chosen support. They will guide and assist you to help to coop with the overflow of love. For a next time, you can use the named planning.
You are able to develop your personal knacks.

When you went well through this passage, what you meet there as community might be overwhelming too. Use the same concept.
Anyway, the angels of personal guardianship are always with you, to feel more secure, ask for assistance in advance. Someone is allowed to request multiple assistance. If desired, you can inquire about and from a more experienced person on Earth regarding this. They certainly are present.

Then you are there, now I am speaking about a Light city.
You will feel your Self very good! Something is there free from what is on Earth. You’ll have company and they will show how very pleased they are with what is going on. Love-Light will be as huge Hug.
You have left your physical clothing, your human flesh embodiment, in principle behind.
You see your Self in that type of frequencies more as your True Being.
You can wear a ‘costume’. You will notice when you look around (meet and greet), several look like human, it is possible to wear it there (like a kind of diving suite) but its functioning differs, but it can be done.
Or you can choose differently. You might acquire ideas there. (smile)
How long can you stay there? It is depending on the developed state of power of consciousness, the potential of it. Durations are in this stage variable.
You will return on the route as you initially came, with more routine than choices for the return will become clearer.
Another that might be, you might be get surprised with the speed, but practice and training learn to take your own length in moment(s) to journey.

There is an option, to create you can go there in sleep condition.
It is done, but there is a but…
The gained impressions, experiences from there does not stay or become stored in this start period stage, not yet. It is very vague as a residue.
The schooling of this process has a longer duration with regard to memory.
This option is under guidance of your I Am presence. I am speaking about the same training process. To go to sleep and journey and to awake and face the return. You will struggle and / or hardly realize where you have been. Nowadays this is still a form of journey/leap, regarding to where you will illusionary wake up.
There is a form of habituation along with it, also of several duration.
Doing it on a regular basis trains the memory capacity.
It is not like in the movie Avatar. (and others) That is premeditated.

Lady Faith:
I am now going to speak about another something that is there in the Light cities, avenues, Pyramids too. It has involvement with the stages of recovering and renewing of Earth and what you are able to as humans on Earth, in the various stages.
For all clarity and understanding, it is about community there, the closest to Earth, outside Earth, not about what is in Inner Earth.
An explanation as simple as possible.
As you come and go from Life on Earth. Birth – Dead. And the number of times as an option in relation to what matters and karma can be involved until it is resolved. When you are back, so to say, away from Earth, there are matters involved that has to be done. No subject for this message. But after a while, after matters are fulfilled, there are appearing options. Also, in relation with ties and soul desires of the true Self, and maybe karmic issues and to what matters. There will be something like an option view display. This is still there to be done, this is required, this is about bucket list, and/or about agreements, about consequences of any lifetime on Earth, the whole package.
For on Earth but also for elsewhere… Out of this there are options with several involvements multidimensional on Soul level. Ties also with what is called the Light Orb Plan. As child of the Creator, you have choices.
One of these choices is to settle in one of the Light cities, even to create a home there. Also, as a meeting place Michael has spoken about.
We are aware this is a delicate subject. It has been introduced on the appropriate time; it comes from the foundation of the Divine plan.
Expansion is ongoing and also reflection in relation to your growing awareness and noticing there is more!
There are beloved ones of you of any kind of relation form, they are there, the ones who made that choice. We also wish to make clear and a remind of the fragmentation involved of the I Am presence.
For most of you it is still unconsciousness contact/knowing, still far away, others are closer. We wish to emphasize that base is founded on choices from the ones involved on Earth and the Higher Planes.
And they can come and go too, like your journeys to Pyramid or Light city.
Some create the choice to be there longer for experiences, or a certain lifetime. Emphasizing also to be there has far little to do with time and space and as Michael mentioned before, the choice option how to wear clothing, stage setting. There are taking place important interactions for several purposes, very important for what is on Earth but also to bring Earth closer to the Higher Realms and to that was is ongoing in the part of the Universe the most near involved. Recently has been taken place an adjustment, in this already partly settled circle round construction. In the nearness of several Light cities, are realized platforms where Motherships can moor.
Performing has taken place and can continue it brought a lot of joy and experiences! Some of you have already attended this.
To those ones, we wish to ask you, please share your experiences, it will be a great help. Thank you very much.

Archangel Michael:
Thank you, Lady Faith, you are sweet.

I appeared with the sword, that is touched by the hand of Lady Faith.
It is a reminder that also this sword, this Divine Sword, is equalized with male and female energies from the first Ray.
The sword is also a part of your armor, spiritual symbolic armor.
Representing Divine will, truth and courage, redemption, charged with eternal Love for all. The use is involved with sincerity, honesty, integrity and essential value, it works with a blue flame. Step into the position of acceptance and the promise to use it in the right way for the Highest Good of All.
In this message we have been sharing already a lot of words, for the meaning of the sword represented by us, we are kindly inviting you to look it up on the internet, there are books, several websites have a nice archive.
To favor in that matter is no virtue of higher dimensional life.

Lady Faith and Archangel Michael:
Dear beloved Ones, you are in a special evolutionary lifepath for the return to the Higher and so are we, from another side. We have spoken about the route to the ‘circle road of Life in Light Cities. Avenues as connectors with personal Pyramids’.
There is One always with all of you. God.
We use the name God with all respect.
And God is very patient and a very good listener and Creator of us all, as the All. We too. We are here as first ray assistants’ attendees, to welcome, to listen, to answer, guide, support with this return upward as God created us, with the Holy Spirit as our Great Guide.

Work, live not only via talking, but realize the other different world as well on Earth, through spiritual work provided by life force from the eternal flowing waters.

Everlasting Love from us and a Hug with first ray full of Love radiating Light energies.

I am Lady Faith
I am Archangel Michael


Pentecost, May 2021.
Posted on the website: May 25th, 2021.
Edited for website by Anja, with incentive and support from Michael and others.
And with:
Thanks, so much thanks, so much as love is everywhere for and to everyone!

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